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Thomas Piketty on Economic Inequality

Published on Apr 23, 2014

"Every now and then, the field of economics produces an important book; this is one of them," writes Tyler Cowen in his Foreign Affairs review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. "Piketty’s tome will put capitalist wealth back at the center of public debate, resurrect interest in the subject of wealth distribution, and revolutionize how people view the history of income inequality." But Cowen deems Piketty’s main prescription, a proposal for the global taxation of wealth, "an unsatisfying conclusion to a groundbreaking work of analysis that is frequently brilliant — but flawed, as well."

Justin Vogt, deputy managing editor of Foreign Affairs, recently sat down with Piketty to discuss his analysis of inequality and his controversial policy proposals.

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Progressives Guide to Social Media 3: Digg

Originally a tech site, the concept of Digg is simple. Submitted webpages (news, videos, or images) can be voted up (digging) or down (burying) by each user, sort of a democracy in the internet model. #p2 #njp #p2b

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ALONE TIME from Rod Blackhurst on Vimeo.


an Unparalleled Production in association with Frank & Paul Films

A young woman, stressed by her busy and continually crowded New York City existence spontaneously retreats to a solitary lake deep in the Adirondacks.

Ann - Rose Hemingway

Director | Rod Blackhurst
Producer | Josh Murphy
Executive Producers | Paul Pathikal + Eric Hollenbeck
Co-producers | David Ebeltoft + Chris Suchorsky
Associate Producer | Marcella Castro
Written by Rod Blackhurst + David Ebeltoft
Director of Photography | Adam McDaid
Editor | Suzanne Spangler
Composer | Tyler Strickland
Sound Designer | Jamey Scott
Strategic Partner | MBED

CREW: 1st AC - Andrea Boglioli , Grip - Chris Suchorsky, Hair/Make Up - Emma Berley, Gaffer - Eric Fahy, Location Sound - Brian Trim, Andy Mellon, Colorist - Ivan Miller, Stephen Ling, Set Photographer - Andy Mellon, Wardrobe - Rachel Blackhurst, Wardrobe Stylist - Eileen Eastburn, PA - Susan Alvarez

Subway Man - David Chokachi
Street Man - Jonathan Gundel
Cashier - Peggy Scott

SPECIAL THANKS: Elgin James, Addison Timlin, Eve Hewson, Miles Levy, Thomas Hynes, Cory Hinton, Randal Compton, Key Compton, David Marshall, Larry and Mary Blackhurst, Gay and Rob Byrne , Sarah Hyde, Molly Vaneslow, Charles Mastropeitro, Thomas Newton, Jason Ienner, Alexandra Rice Thompson, Laura McDonald, Holly Ellis, Keith Fairclough, Melissa Glassman, Jacey Heldrich, Ted Hudson, Ally Stoltz, Janelle DolRayne, alldressedup from Rent the Runway, Ausable Club, City of New York, Directed Lighting, Fractured Atlas, Garnet Hill, The Gersh Agency, United Talent Agency, Keene Valley Market, Partos, North Creek, NY, North River, NY, NYC Film

International viewers can also watch the video here:

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3 hours in a helicopter flying around Southern New Zealand with a EPIC in a SHOTOVER. from Mark Toia on Vimeo.

These are some of the Aerial rushes from a TVC we were shooting in Southern New Zealand.
Shooting with the RED EPIC 5k camera inside a SHOTOVER stabilised camera system with a 24-290 Angenieux Lens. We shot all of this aerial footage in less than 3 hours. As most of our principle shooting was on the ground. While in transit from Queenstown to different parts of the the south island, we shot these images on our journey between locations. The southern parts of NEW ZEALAND are amazing.

Here is the TVC we shot and directed with John Lamble for Pulse Marketing, for Natural Gas Australia.

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A couple months ago, I made some road orientation graphics. I thought it would be interesting to repeat the exercise using the borders between countries.

The method is slightly different for this graphic, so I’ll explain it in full. The polyline shapefile from the data source was separated by continent. Country borders that divide continents were attributed to both continents, but continental borders that divide a single country (e.g., the Asia-Europe border in Russia) were not considered. Oceanic coastal boundaries were not part of the shapefile, and were not of interest – the goal was to see how people define boundaries. Each continent’s polyline was then divided into 1 km segments. This weights the borders by length, and is at a small enough scale that it captures the oddities of the borders. The original shapefile was somewhat generalized, and I was concerned that any smaller length unit would return spurious results. For each continent, the azimuths of the segments were measured in the respective continental Lambert conformal projection; because continents are very large, there will be a small error associated with this measurement. These azimuths were then duplicated using opposing directions (e.g., 45° was repeated as 225°) to ensure rotational symmetry on the rose diagrams, which are plotted in 5° bins.

Please keep in mind that the map in the graphic is a Miller cylindrical projection, which is not conformal. So while a continent’s international borders may not seem to match the rose diagram, there is some distortion in the map projection. In addition, because the measurements are made at the kilometer scale, long borders that have an overall trend in one direction (e.g., Argentina-Chile) may actually have a significant contribution to an oblique or orthogonal direction. You could compare this to walking along a trail with switchbacks: you are generally heading in one direction, but most of your time is spent walking in a perpendicular direction.

The results of the analysis are fascinating – I’d love to hear what Jared Diamond has to say about these. All five graphs have a strong W-E signal; this is especially surprising with South America and Africa, which have significant latitudinal spans compared to their longitudinal extents. I’m not much of a history buff, so I won’t even try to interpret the meaning of the results…

Data source: (land boundary lines)

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More Than a Tweet


I have always tried to be as transparent with you guys as possible, letting you in on the process of making (and not making) Community. So maybe my silence on the issue of a hypothetical sixth season seems frustrating. I was thinking I could stay quiet because there’s too much to say and anything…

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The Four Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Inequality


Even though French economist Thomas Piketty has made an air-tight case that we’re heading toward levels of inequality not seen since the days of the nineteenth-century robber barons, right-wing conservatives haven’t stopped lying about what’s happening and what to do about it.

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Happy May Day everyone!

    Today is International Labor Day.  It is the one day of the year where we celebrate our dignity, rights, and freedoms in the workplace. While Corporate Tyranny has eroded our rights all across the world in their quest to impose a feudal-style oligarchy where everyone slaves away so the wealthy ruling class can have even more lavish riches, today is the day we rise up and stand strong for OUR rights. 

While the median income in the US has fallen to only $26,000/year, Wall Street is at a record high. So are corporate profits. 95% of the income gains during the recovery from the #GreatRecession have gone straight into the vaults of the richest 1%, yet they claim they cannot afford more jobs and higher wages. I’m calling bullshit on that. 

Here in Minnesota, we raised our Minimum Wage to $9.50/hour. Hawaii raised it to $10.10. Seattle raised it to $15, and Australia is doing great with it at $16.88 per hour. Base level wages, rates of unionization, secure jobs, paid time off, and safe work places are all #HumanRights issues. 

If the MW had kept up with inflation, it would be almost $11/hour now. If it had kept pace with worker productivity, it would be between $18-$22/hour, and if it had kept up with CEO pay it would be nearly $30/hour. Obama has asked for a federal MN of $10.10, we should be shooting for higher to combat poverty wages. 

Gallup: 76% Of Americans Support A Minimum Wage Increase

DOUBLING the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 would result in a Big Mac that costs 68 cents more

35 average age minimum wage workers, 1/3 over 40, etc.

1 in 4 American workers take home less than $10 per hour

Bank Study Finds Minimum Wage Increase Does Not Kill Fast Food Jobs

Minimum Wage Would Be $21.72 If It Kept Pace With Increases In Productivity: Study

There was a time that pay rose with productivity…and then it didn’t 

Raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Lift Wages for Millions and Provide a Modest Economic Boost

$10.10 Minimum Wage Would Increase Cost of $16 Walmart DVD by only ONE CENT

If Walmart Paid its 1.4 Million U.S. Workers a Living Wage, 46 cents more per shopping trip, $12 extra dollars each year

$10.10 minimum wage would cut need for SNAP by $46b/10yrs (drop of 6%)

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Cliven Bundy’s Home on the Range from MarkFiore on Vimeo.

In case you haven’t heard about cattle rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada, he’s the guy who has become the latest anti-gub’mint celebrity for the libertarian gun crowd. Ol’ Cliven Bundy and I have a lot in common. Really! Both our families homesteaded in the West and started cattle ranches. (You can read more on my website.)